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Bumble Bizz

We collaborated with Bumble Bizz to host our summer party at The Curtain Members Club Shoreditch. This coincided with their loneliness campaign, aimed at those new to a city feeling isolated working as a freelancer.

Freelance Queens were asked to download the Bumble Bizz app to gain entry to

the event, and encouraged to use the app as a platform for finding mentorship and

employment opportunities.

Bumble Bizz provided canapes, Bumble Bizz merch, a photo booth and DJ. We hosted a large scale, fun, free party for the incredible Freelance Queens and the bumble Bizz network.

This was an opportunity for more Freelance Queens to meet and for the community to broaden from promotion across Bumble Bizz networks. Bumble Bizz were able to promote the work that this area of the company were advancing in, making both communities aware and also gaining more app downloads and thus further new business. Whilst also supporting and amplifying a community they believe in and see the need for.

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